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The Mobile DC Power System is a custom engineered, road-capable trailer. It acts as both an emergency back-up for site failures as well as a temporary power source when conducting required dc system maintenance.

The Mobile DC Power System is a custom engineered, road-capable trailer designed for substation maintenance and emergency power applications.  This system is equipped with battery chargers, batteries, ac and dc meters and controls, external power connections and ancillary safety equipment.  “Custom engineered” means the ability to offer you a system designed to meet your specific requirements.  We offer a host of options including an ac generator and load bank equipment to allow you to test battery capacity.  Flexibility in design and versatility of use makes our Mobile DC Power System a “powerful” tool for maintenance and system reliability.

With all necessary power and safety equipment engineered and packaged in a “plug and play” fashion, the trailer offers a ready solution to quickly provide power for both planned and unplanned site outages.  Industry demands for system reliability can be verified by allowing you to carry out critical procedures in accordance with NERC/FERC maintenance guidelines.

The stystem is fully tested and operational upon start-up.  External ac and dc power receptacles allow you to quickly energize and use this system on demand.  Externally mounted control panels provide ac and dc metering, along with alarm indicators, to provide real-time diagnostics and power connections.