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The Eltek Valere Scalable DC power family offers an array of configurable components that come together to produce efficient, large-scale, high-power solutions. The third generation (“GEN3”) Scalable family is built on the three-phase Powerpack rectifier and the XC controller platform.

Powerpack rectifier is a three-phase, 11kW power module that is up to 94% efficient and rated for 206A of continuous output at 53.5Vdc. There are two AC voltage options: One model is rated for 208 VAC input, and the other model is rated for 480 VAC input.

Powerpack rectifier bays can be configured to accept either three-phase 208/240VAC or 480VAC input (depending on the rectifier model) and power one or two rectifiers per AC feed.

Imbedded control and monitoring devices providecomprehensive local management through baymounted displays.

The Scalable DC Power System is the ideal solution for Central Offices, MTSOs, data centers, and other switching centers that require large power capacity—up to 10,000 amps.

The two basic building blocks of the Scalable DC Power System are the rectifier bay and the distribution bay. Integrated rear bay buses can be linked together to form a single system bus that accommodates planned growth in power capacity—from 3000 to 10,000 amps.

The Scalable DC Power system is highly configurable, designed for easy expansion to satisfy the changing needs of the installation site. More rectifier and distribution bays can be added, and overhead buses can be installed to provide even more installation flexibility.